About Alexander C. Chirila

Dr. Alexander Chirila received his PhD in Writing and Criticism in 2009, at the age of 28. He is a writer, university professor, mystic, and traveler.

As a writer, Alexander Chirila is the author of numerous short stories, several articles, a full-length novel entitled True Immortality and a book of published scholarship entitled Manifest Individuation: Comparative Symbolism and Archetypal Progression in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. A fellow writer and journalist once said that Alexander’s stories are situated “in the borderland between life and death.” Keep checking this blog for new material, and postings of his current writings.

Dr. Chirila has authored a number of articles on a variety of subjects, including a piece of considerable length entitled “The River that Crosses an Ocean: Ifa/Orisha in the Global Spiritual Marketplace” based on his research among the Yoruba of Southwest Nigeria and scheduled for publication in October 2014 with the Qualitative Sociology Review.

He is also a reviewer and author with the Library of Social Science. His work with the LSS reaches over 60,000 people via an Internet based newsletter and features a groundbreaking method of blended analysis incorporating psychology, sociology, and Narratology. Dr. Chirila is in the process of developing a sequence of articles based on his analytical methodology that will eventually be compiled into a book of scholarship. The first article of this sequence, focused on the rhetoric and mythology of the McCarthy era, has been published by the Library under the title “Creating the Idealized Nemesis: The Collective Psychology of the Red Scare.”

Alexander’s full-length novel, True Immortality, is available in paperback format on Amazon, as well as on a number of electronic e-book platforms, including Amazon Kindle. Via Smashwords.com, True Immortality is also available for download in a number of formats, including Epub (for the IPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and others), PDF, RTF, and PDB (for Palm Reader devices).



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